Offer agreement for information and consulting services.

This Agreement is entered bv and between the Customer and Company.

This Agreement shall supersede any other agreement, including the oral one. and prevail in case of any disputable issues in respect of its interpretation or any other sources. Any inconsistencies shall be immediately addressed to Company. for clarification. In case of any differences, which may arise between the English version and translation into any other language, the English version shall be deemed correct.

The order of the clauses appearing in this Agreement does not depend on their relevance.

  1. Basic definitions and terms in this Agreement.

    The Client (the “client,” “customer,” “you,” “he/she”) affirms that by using our Services, he or she had read this document thoroughly, understood and agreed with everything that is written herein. This document, which is a legal contract between the client and GTTC. (“Company,” “we,” “us,” “our”), shall determine the responsibilities and rights of Company. and its clients in connection with the Company’s services.

    Customer: "Customer" means any counterparty relating to Company., including but not limited to subscribers and users of Company.MT4 platform. This term can also include any individual or entity.

    Base currency: means the currency of all the transactions at Company. The base currency herein is US dollar (shortly USD or $)

    Products: Ail the products offered by Company. including but not limited to those delivered by this platform and by phone.

    Provision of guarantees: Any guarantees provided relating to the funds on the Customer's account registered with Company.

    Trading platform: E-software provided by the Customer for the purpose of financial transactions for trade on the Forex market.

    Trade: Execution of an order of Company. trading platform or by phone.

    OTC: abbreviated from Over-The-Counter, which means over-the-counter trading by Company. All our transactions are made on the OTC market. We do not trade on exchanges.

    Company. Trading Operations Department: Company. trading department functioning in our premises.

    Trading terminal: means an information trading platform enabling to use the services for sending the Instructions for Trading Operations and being the means to receive notices from the Company and other reference information.

    Network: All the types of equipment involved into transactions, including but not limited to equipment, software and Internet- based opportunities of both parties.

    Closed transaction: Any transaction where a customer received a notice on closure. A confirmation may be given in different forms, including but not limited to publication in the trade blotter of the Customer.

    Bonus “Credit”: Real money provided by the Company. trader for real trade. Bonus can be withdrawn subject to certain conditions only. It may be used both as a tool to increase trading and an opportunity to increase the free stock ensuring a substantial protection in case of unexpected drawdown.

  2. General

    1. The Company shall be a counterparty to all the transactions due to the nature of the products provided by Company.
    2. The Company shall provide the Service only. The Company shall unconditionally execute the Customer's Instruction/Order even if such trading transaction can be loss-making for the Customer.
    3. The Customer shall be fully responsible and liable for whatever consequences that might arise from execution of the Customer's instructions.
    4. Provisions of this Agreement shall become effective from the moment of opening of any accounts (including demo accounts) by the Customer with Company.
    5. All amounts handed over by the client to the company or which the company holds on behalf of the client, for the provision of investment services, shall be held on behalf of the Client in an account institution. The Company will not be liable for any failure or insolvency of any bank or third party.
    6. The information contained in the official website, trademark, copyright, and intellectual property rights are exclusive property of Company. and its licensors. All of these and as such third-party materials shall not be altered, published, or distributed by clients and/ or by any third party.
  3. Duration of Agreement.

    1. Having read this Agreement, the Customer accepts that it will remain effective until the Company notifies the Customer of its termination for whatever reason. If the Customer is willing to terminate this Agreement, he is recommended to advise registered mail accordingly. Termination of this Agreement shall not release either party of the obligations applicable within duration of the Agreement.
    2. Termination of this Agreement shall not relieve the two parties of any obligations set herein. It also shall not affect the transactions delivered and agreed upon herein and furthermore will not ease the Client of any accountability that may arise after the termination. In case that the Client is not willing to fulfill his/her previous obligations towards the Company, Company. reserves the right to call back all profits generated from the Company's services. Company. has the sole and exclusive rights to make any changes, updates, alterations to the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  4. Terms and Conditions of service provision.

    1. The Terms and Conditions of service provision by the "Company", including the information on any changes therein, can be found on the official websites of the Company.
    2. Most of settlements on the Customer's Personal account shall be in USD. Money can be deposited and withdrawn to other accounts in other currencies depending on the currency in which the account is opened in the Customer's personal area.
    3. The Customer shall be fully responsible for the status of his Personal/Trading account for the whole duration of the Agreement with the Company. Any disputes of the Parties concerning the Personal/Trading account of the Customer shall be settled based upon the Customer's operations register.
    4. The Company’s responsibilities do not include monitoring of the financial status of the Customer's operations and/or parameters of the Customer's account, as well as sending requirements to the Customer on the necessity to deposit money to support open positions.
    5. The Company shall be entitled to publish in open sources, sources with limited access or give directly to the Customer any trading recommendations and forecasts relating to any operations and/or events.
    6. The Company shall not be responsible for results of trading operations and decisions taken by the Customer based upon any information provided and/or published by the Company, including but not limited to the Customer's trading account and prices for financial instruments. This paragraph shall be applicable to any cases of incorrect and inaccurate information provided by the Company.
    7. The Customer shall acknowledge that his telephone conversations and other messages may be recorded on any magnetic carriers or electronic media. These records are the Company's property and may serve as evidence of provision of services to the Customer orally, including but not limited to the information.
    8. The Company gives no profit guarantees to the Client and it also warns the Client about some risk.
  5. Trading and personal accounts.

    1. The account shall be opened in the name of the client (as shown on the client’s valid recent id/passport). The client may also open one or more additional Accounts in its own name.
    2. Company requires Client to submit personal identification documents for verification purposes. Client has up to 7 business days to provide these documents after the first deposit is made. If the documents are still outstanding after 7 business days, Company may place Client’s account on read-only status. Account may be reverted back to full access once all documents have been approved by Company.
    3. The Customer hereby declares and ensures that all the information provided by the Customer in the process of Account registration in accordance with the procedures established in the Company (including the information provided upon the Company's request) is full, truthful, relevant and accurate.
    4. The Company shall be authorized to rely upon this information until it receives a notice from the Customer of any changes in accordance with the Company's established procedures of cooperation.
    5. The Customer shall hereinafter notify the Company of any such changes relating to previously provided information within 3 days after making such changes.
    6. The Customer also declares that he is a capable person of the full legal age in any jurisdiction.
    7. The Customer agrees that his account will be blocked in case of untruthful details specified thereby while registration. The Customer shall be entitled to have one login account registered.
    8. The Customer agrees that that his account will be blocked in case of refusal from delivery of the document certifying the identity or login details.
    9. The Customer agrees that that his account will be blocked in case of any attempt to get unauthorized access to the Company's databases and customer accounts.
    10. The Customer agrees that in case of any suspicion of fraud his account will be blocked for a period of investigation of the situation.
    11. The Company shall reserve the right to use any algorithms to identify fraudsters and persons making attempts to use illegal or criminal money.
    12. The initial deposit and any additional funds deposited by the client on its own initiative or at the request of Company under this Agreement shall be credited to a bank account of Company and shall be administered on behalf of the Client.
    13. Usage of the Trading platform and the services derived from it, is mandatory and any inactivity of the account, manifested through lack of access or lack of trading, shall be charged accordingly. If the last log in date or the closing date of the last trade place on the account chronologically is older than 60 days from the present date, at which the charge is made, the credit provided by the company will be removed without previous notice and all profits derived from it.
      In addition, if the client does not perform any trading activity or the volume of the trading activity is very low for starting from the abovementioned period of time, the Company preserves the right to charge the trading account with a dormant trading commission, at a rate determined by the Company as follows:
      No trading activity 60 days – 50 Units
      After 6 months of inactivity manifested through lack of access in the trading account and implicitly lack of trading activity, the Company has the right to move the account under the dormant status and remove all funds present in the account balance.
      If the client cannot log in to the personal office because of the technical reasons, client has to notify in writing the companies technical support about the existing problem.
  6. Fund withdrawals.

    1. A formal request shall be provided by the Client in order be initiated by the Company. For a withdrawal request to be approved, the Client affirms his/her account does not have outstanding dues, he/she has followed the Company's policies, and the trading account must not have any ongoing trades or by the terms of risk management with additional signed agreement. For such request in line with the Company's Bonuses, the Client must comply with the Bonus Guidelines set herein.
    2. The client may, at any time, withdraw funds from the account by submitting a written request to Company. The amount requested must be available funds, with available funds subject to the current margin requirements of open positions. Company, at its discretion, elect to withhold payment (or deduct an amount from it, as applicable) if:
      • Open Contracts show notional losses;
      • The relevant funds may reasonably be required to meet future Margin requirements due to underlying market conditions;
      • The Client has any contingent liability to Company in respect of any other Account;
      • There is an unresolved dispute between Company and the Client in connection with this Agreement or any related contract.
    3. When the client is applying for withdrawal amount more than 90% of the existing balance of the account, company has a right to consider this action as closing the trading account. In this case client undertakes to comply with paragraphs of the Bonus policy (p. 19)
    4. In case of using the bonuses in his trading account, the client may not withdraw the generated profit on his account without completing the required conditions and trading volume.
  7. The Company shall be entitled to:

    1. Require reliable and full information from the Customer as necessary for execution of this Agreement and relevant Regulations.
    2. Require that the Customer comply with the Agreement and Regulations accepted thereby.
    3. Refuse the Customer to open an account and/or accept applications on the opened accounts in the event that the Customer is in breach of this Agreement and/or relevant Regulations.
    4. Reject the Customer's request or application, if any condition of the relevant Regulations is not met upon completion of processing such request or application by the Company. However, the Company may accept and execute such a request or application of the Customer in its sole discretion, notwithstanding the disregard of the provisions of the relevant Regulations.
    5. In the event that the Company has executed the request or application of the Customer, and thereafter revealed that any provision of the relevant Regulations was violated, the Company shall be entitled to invalidate the operation and cancel its financial result.
    6. The Company shall be entitled to declare any Customer's trading operation invalid or close one or more positions of the Customer at the current price any time in its sole discretion.
    7. Discontinue services to the Customer any time, without a prior notice to the Customer of the same and without giving reasons.
      1. Set a limit to a minimum volume of entry into the market any time without giving reasons.
    8. The Company shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement for convenience without prior notice, if the Customer spreads slanders and information discrediting business reputation of the Company.
    9. The Company shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement for convenience without giving reasons by a prior notice to the Customer at least 3 (three) business days prior to termination hereof.
    10. In any situation, unless described in this Agreement and relevant Regulations, the Company shall be entitled to act in accordance with customary market practice based upon the principles of fairness and justice.
    11. In case of absence of trade activities on the Customer's account during 2 (two) months, the Company shall be entitled to transfer the Customer's account into archive, with his money fully retained on the account.
      1. In case of absence of trade activities on the Customer's account during 18 (eighteen) months, the Company shall be entitled to debit the account and transfer the money to charity.
      2. The Company shall reserve the right to deduct a service fee for maintenance of a dormant account in the amount of 50S or equivalent in the account currency. The money deducted as service fee shall be transferred for charity.
    12. The Company shall be entitled to make changes in the Agreement and Regulations in its reasonable discretion. The changes shall become effective from the moment of their publication.
  8. The Company shall be obliged to:

    1. Comply with all the provisions of this Agreement and Regulations.
    2. Execute the Customer's applications for trading and non-trading operations provided by the options of the customer terminal, personal area and other means of filing applications under the conditions of this Agreement and relevant Regulations and specifications.
    3. Ensure safe-keeping and true recording of money on the Customer's accounts with due regard to trading and non-trading operations, including fees, charges, actions, bonuses and other operations.
    4. Use its best efforts to keep secret the information obtained from the Customer and third parties. The information can be provided to authorized bodies in accordance with the applicable legislation.
    5. Provide the Customer with all the required information about the state of his accounts, current bid prices for financial instruments represented in the trading terminal, procedure of settlement of accounts, rules of execution of this Agreement and Regulations.
  9. Procedure of information sharing between the parties.

    1. For delivery of information to the Customer, the Company can use the following means of communication:
      1. MetaTrader terminal;
      2. Internal e-mail of MetaTrader trading platform;
      3. E-mail;
      4. Facsimile communication;
      5. Telephone;
      6. Postal items;
      7. Materials published on the Company's website;
      8. Notices in the Personal area.
    2. For delivery of information to the Company, the Customer can use the following means of communication:
      1. MetaTrader terminal, including internal e-mail of the customer terminal;
      2. E-mail;
      3. Facsimile communication;
      4. Telephone;
      5. Applications sent via the Personal area.
    3. The Company shall use for communications the Customer's details and personal data specified thereby while registration in the Personal area with account of any changes notified by the Customer in accordance with this Agreement.
    4. The Customer agrees to accept messages from the Company any time.
    5. Any correspondence, whether in electronic or paper form, shall be deemed received by the Customer immediately upon sending thereof.
    6. The Company shall not be liable to the Customer for its failure to receive any correspondence in case of disruption of channels of communication, breakdown of equipment and other failures in work of services and organizations by means of which correspondence is transmitted.
    7. In case of transfer to the Company of the information, requests or applications that require personal identification, the Customer shall use those means of communication, which enable to identify him/her unambiguously; otherwise the Company will not accept such items and treat them as guideline to follow.
    8. According to Company's Data Protection Policy, employees of any department are restricted to perform video meeting with Company's Clients. A private meeting is available in special circumstances. Any demand of a video meeting from one of the representatives will be a direct breach of the Terms and Conditions.
  10. Advisory role of Company.

      1. Company. assumes that the Company’s customers have reached the age of 18+. The Customer is an independent individual and should take reasonable decisions on his cash investments.
      2. Company. expressly acknowledges that trading in Forex involves risks. Therefore, it is understood that any particular Customer carries out his activities to the extent of the risk he is ready to assume.
      3. Company. shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Customer due to his trading in the Forex market for whatever reason.
      1. Company. spends much time and money to provide its Customers with the most accurate analysis. However, Company. shall not be liable for any financial losses which may arise due to misunderstanding or incorrect interpretation of the opinion given by the Company.'S employee upon the Customer's request. The Customer shall be responsible for assessment of the opinion and taking a reasonable decision regarding investments.
    3. Company.'S RESEARCH
      1. Company. shall provide its own market and trade researches and financial reports as well. These are not recommendations, but the opinions that might not always be accurate. Therefore, the Customer shall be fully responsible for any trading decisions taken based upon our researches.
  11. Investment recommendations.

    1. The Customer shall be hereby informed that the Company provides the Customer with the Service and that the Company bears no responsibility for any recommendations as for relevance or profitableness of any transaction/Trading operation.
    2. The Customer agrees not to depend and rely upon any similar recommendations of the Company or any employee of the Company.
    3. The Customer agrees to rely upon his own judgment and decision in respect of each Transaction/Trading operation, without reference to or reliance upon the Company.
    4. The Customer shall assume full responsibility for Transactions/Trading operations on his Account and for his investment decisions.
    5. The Customer is informed about and agrees that the Company and its employees, workers, directors and Brokers/Principals and their employees assume no responsibility regarding Transactions/Trading operations on the Customer’s Account or relating to the Customer's investment decisions.
  12. Procedure of settlement payments and MARGIN REQUIREMENT

    1. The Customer shall be entitled to replenish his accounts any time and in any manner provided by the Company.
    2. If the total debt amount of the Customer to the Company under this Agreement or relevant Regulations is equal to the total debt amount of the Company to the Customer, then such debt obligations shall be offset.
    3. If the amount of tire sum payable under this Agreement or relevant Regulations by either party exceeds the amount payable under this Agreement or relevant Regulations by the other party, then the party having a higher debt shall pay to the other party the difference remaining after the offset procedure, whereupon both parties shall be released from mutual obligations.
    4. The Customer's money transferred to the Company shall be placed by the Company on its own accounts, as well as on the accounts of counterparties, brokers and other organizations with which the Company has relations and agreements.
    5. The Company shall keep accounts of the Customer's money using the trade server and the parties shall carry out all the settlements according to the data kept in the trade server system.
    6. The Company shall not pay to the Customer any interests on the money deposited on the Customer's accounts, unless agreed otherwise.
    7. In the event that the Customer gains income on the operations with financial instruments, the Customer's monetary funds shall be due and payable which are transferred according to the Company's details and those being the Customer's income excluding the money already withdrawn.
    8. In case of any damages incurred by the Customer due to operations with financial instruments, the monetary funds transferred thereby according to the Company's details shall be due and payable net of amounts of damages, costs actually incurred and the money already withdrawn.
    9. Funds are needed in opening orders and/or making transactions. Furthermore, the Company requires the Client to maintain a specific amount of funds on the trading account for security reasons. Instruments have different margin specification and may be changed at any time. Company.may impose maximum requirements to comply with various jurisdictions. In case the Client failed to keep the minimum margin required, the Company reserves the right to close all ongoing positions and liquidate your account without prior notice.
  13. Claims and disputes.

    1. In case of any situation when the Customer considers that the Company breaches one or more paragraphs of this Agreement or Regulations accepted by the Customer as a result of any action or omission of the Company, the Customer shall be entitled to make a claim to the Company.
    2. The claim shall be delivered to the Company in a manner specified herein.
    3. A claim shall contain:
      - Name and surname of the Customer (or name of the Company for a corporate)
      - Date and time of occurrence of the problem situation;
      - Description of subject matter of the dispute with reference to the paragraph(s) of this Agreement and/or relevant Regulations, which have been violated in view of the Customer.
    4. A claim shall not contain:
      - Affective evaluation of a dispute;
      - Abusive comments;
      - Swear words.
    5. The Company shall be entitled to reject a claim inconsistent with the paragraphs of this Agreement.
    6. All the claims shall be considered in accordance with this Agreement and/or relevant Regulations.
    7. All the disputes and discrepancies arising from execution of this Agreement and Regulations of the Company shall be settled by negotiations.
    8. For transfer of a dispute or discrepancies to the court, it is necessary to follow the pre-arbitration procedure of disputes examination.
    9. Within thirty (30) business days, Company must verify any written complaint or notification if it is sufficiently documented, and present its position to the Client. The Client, in his/her turn, will not make any public statements in any form relating to his complaint within thirty (30) business days. If the Client violates this clause, the Client agrees to pay Company reputational damages of $100.00 per day from the time of such violation, while the cumulative maximum of the payment may reach $10,000.00. The Client and Company undertake to make every effort to resolve any dispute, in good faith and on a constructive basis. The Client acknowledges and agrees that threats and/or blackmail against Company is/are prohibited and is/are the legitimate ground/s for the termination of negotiations and the immediate termination of any business relationship. Without prejudice to any other Company rights under these Terms, if the parties are in dispute regarding a trade warrant, Company has the right in its sole discretion and without prior notice to accept any opinion and actions that it considers reasonable to limit the maximum amount involved in the dispute. Company r is not liable to the Customer, or has no obligations to the Client, regarding any fluctuations and risks on the Client’s trading accounts.
  14. Liability of the parties.

    1. The Company shall not be liable to the Customer for any damages, losses, loss of profit, lost opportunities, expenses or damage in accordance with conditions of these Regulations, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
    2. The Customer shall indemnify the Company from any and all obligations, expenses, claims, damages, which may arise, directly or indirectly, due to the Customer's failure to fulfill his obligations in accordance with this Agreement and relevant Regulations.
    3. The Customer shall be solely responsible for all the orders and accuracy of information transferred by the means specified herein.
    4. The Company shall not be responsible for:
      1. - Delay in execution of the Customer's applications for any reasons beyond control of the Company;
      2. - For any losses, expenses, costs and losses of the Customer incurred due to inaccuracy of the information provided by the Customer;
      3. - For actions of the Customer and their result aimed at execution of the rights and obligations hereunder.
    5. The Company shall not be responsible in the event that the Customer suffered damage due to the events, actions or omission for any reasons beyond control of the Company, including any delays in transfer, placement, execution of orders, misrepresentations while transfer of orders and/or information due to faults, failures or improper functioning of communication and data transmission systems, power outages, damage to the Customer's computer or respective equipment when using software or other reasons beyond control of the Company.
  15. Limit of liability.

    In no case Company. shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to any direct or indirect special, incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with this website or any related website, or loss of use by any party, or due to unserviceability, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operations or data transmission. computer virus or damaged line or system fault, even if Company. or their representatives were informed that such damages, losses or expenses may occur.

  16. Record and registration of information.

    1. The Customer understands and agrees that for the purpose of mutual assurance the Company may trace by means of electronic systems or record any operations and telephone conversations between the Customer and the Company.
    2. The Company has a right to record (including record of telephone conversations) any negotiations with the Customer in order to prevent or resolve any disputes, verify the information provided by die Customer and refuse the Customer from service provision in case of discrepancies or attempts to misinform the Company, obtain information required to service provision, including copies of documents for identification of the Customer.
  17. Validity and enforceability of the Agreement.

    1. The proposal for entering into this Agreement is a public offer (a proposal for general public). The Agreement shall become legally effective due to unconditional consent of the Customer with conditions of the Agreement (Acceptance). Acceptance shall be the registration of the Account by the Customer and confirmation of consent with conditions of the Agreement in accordance with the procedures established in the Company, transfer of money by the Customer to the Account and actual receipt thereof by the Company.
    2. This Agreement shall be regulated by the law of the Company's country of registration.
    3. Any issues unregulated hereby shall be governed by the law of the Company's country of registration.
    4. If any condition of this Agreement appears to be illegal, invalid, inapplicable or unenforceable by operation of any law/jurisdiction, the entire Agreement shall remain legal, valid, applicable and enforceable. Legality, validity, applicability and enforceability of the subject matter of this Agreement as a whole shall not be subject to changes based upon any law/jurisdiction.
    5. The Company shall be entitled any time to make amendments or change this Agreement, including all and any appendixes to it, and also to change the conditions and procedure of work, with such amendments or changes published on its official website. The Customer agrees that the said amendments or changes shall become effective and binding after their publication on the Company's official website.
    6. Company. shall reserve the right to terminate the Agreement as a whole in its sole discretion without giving any reasons, if the Company's security service establishes one of the following facts: fraud, breaches of this Agreement as a whole, application by the user of such trading practice that constitutes a threat to the Company's existence both direct and indirect, including a threat to any technical or economic aspects of its activity.
    7. Company.D shall reserve the right in its sole discretion without giving any reasons to block the user account pending completion of the investigation and terminate the Agreement, if the Company's security service establishes one of the following facts: fraud, breach of this Agreement as a whole, application by the user of such trading practice that constitutes a threat to the Company's existence both direct and indirect, including a threat to any technical or economic aspects of its activity, including creation of increased server loading. However, in this ease the Company shall return to the user the full amount of his initial deposit without any commissions withdrawn.
    8. Company.D shall retain the authority to open, service and close user accounts at the website Decision of Company.D management in respect of any property of the User account, use of the service or dispute resolution shall not be final and may be reviewed by Company.D as a result of new circumstances or in court according to section 16.9 of this Agreement.
    9. The Agreement and any matters connected with it shall be regulated and interpreted according to the laws of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Each party agrees that the relevant courts of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have exclusive jurisdiction for any claims, disputes or discrepancies relating to the Agreement and any issues arising in connection herewith, and waives any right to lodge an objection to a lawsuit filed in these courts or to any statements that the lawsuit was filed in the inappropriate court, or that these courts have no relevant authority.
    10. The Customer agrees to comply with the court requirements and orders, including but not limited to any assets of the Customer.
  18. Force-majeure.

    1. The parties shall not be liable for default on or failure to fulfill the obligations and their deadlines hereunder due to force- majeure circumstances: acts of God (flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, military environment or other social phenomena); legal force-majeure (government decisions of prohibitive and restrictive nature, strikes and other social and political phenomena due to which it became impossible to properly comply with the conditions of the Agreement or which caused failure to comply with the same); technical force-majeure (hacker attacks on the Company’s servers, troubles on the part of Internet providers etc.) and other circumstances beyond control of the Company's management.
      The parties make efforts to settle all the disputes which may arise from this Agreement by negotiations in writing. The Customer's claims shall be considered by the Company within ten business days upon receipt.
    2. In case of force-majeure circumstances the Company shall be entitled to:
      - close one or more transactions at the price deemed to be the fair price by the Company;
      - take or alternatively refrain from any actions relating to the Company, Customer and other customers, if the Company reasonably considers it to be appropriate under the circumstances.
    3. The Customer agrees that the Company and its directors, employees, workers and personnel, as well as Brokers/Principals and their employees will not be responsible for non-execution or delay in execution of their obligations hereunder, or for any direct or indirect damages caused by any conditions or circumstances beyond direct control of the of the Company, its director, employees, workers and personnel, Brokers/Principals and their employees, including (but not limited to) any government bans, stock exchange or market laws, delayed bids, failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or telecommunication systems and software (whether system or applied) both on the local terminal and on the server, hacker attacks, thefts, wars (whether declared or not), weather conditions, severe weather events, earthquakes and strikes.
    4. You confirm that you are aware of and agree that in case of any damage* caused to us by any of your actions you will pay to us a forfeit (in addition to the occurred damage, without any additional evidence of this fact) in the fixed amount of USD 5,000. Besides you should take in account that you may be subject to prosecution by law and held liable for any damage caused to us and any third party as a result of such actions.
      *Damage means any type of damage, including direct and indirect damage, loss of profit, damage due to false claim of repayment (i.e. when we are not at fault, which might give you the right to compensation).
      The Customer was notified by the Company of a risky nature of transactions made in accordance with this Agreement and that the risk may be material. Before entering into this Agreement the Company draws the Customer's attention once again that during execution of this Agreement the Customer both gains an opportunity to increase his monetary funds credited to the personal account and takes a risk of their decrease and even loss. The Customer has studied the national law of the Customer by himself and is notified of the legal regulation, and he shall comply with the registration law of the Company for the purposes of this Agreement applicable in the territory of the Company’s incorporation.
  19. Bonus Policy

    1. Any bonuses, actions and incentives offered from Company. or any trade account shall be in accordance with conditions of the Company and can be reviewed here for detailed information.
      Company. shall reserve the right to cancel an action or benefits that have been or must be provided at the Customer’s expense.
      In order to have a right to withdraw a bonus, your minimum trading volume shold be 10,000$ per one USD (1$) of a bonus.
    2. Company. does not wish to limit your account during the period when you failed to meet the bonus-related requirements of trading volumes. At the same time, it should be noted that in the event of the request for withdrawal of monetary funds during this period the full bonus amount, including the profit earned from the said bonus, shall be cancelled. In this case the bonus amount will be deducted from the account balance. Thereafter you will be free to operate the remaining balance on your account.
    3. By accepting these Terms & Conditions the Customer agrees that all the bonuses which the Company has provided at any time or must provide in future to the Customer shall be used by the Customer against the trading volume (lots). When the Customer trades for bonuses, Company. reserves the right to obtain spreads, swaps and other charges. The Customer has no right to refuse from the bonuses used in the bidding.
      The trading volume shall be calculated from all amounts of expenses occurred during all the orders for the whole period of work with the Company.

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